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Raised in Milwaukee, WI, Darrell Dulaney Sr. became a lover of art at an early age.  He is one of four (4) children, and when he wasn't outside playing with his friends/siblings he could be found in various places honing a craft that would bubble into what it is today. He would only spend a little time with visual art, before the transition to paper sculpting came at age fifteen (15). 

From there he learned how to sculpt and design anything he laid his eyes on, with painstaking resemblance.  "If I can't get it exactly right, I won't do it," he says in regards to his work.  He pays close attention to detail with each cut, and paste, and his work speaks for itself. As he chooses to remain humble about his unique craft.  He wouldn't dare say it, but I as his writer will.  There is no one doing it quite like he does.

Darrel Dulaney Sr. resides in the DFW area with his wife and one of six children.  The rest have all grown up and out of the house, but he enjoys every time they come to visit bringing along all of the grandchildren.